I'm Arnaldur Grétarsson.
I solve problems.

about icon Arnaldur Grétarsson is my name. I was born in Reykjavík 23rd March, 1981. I lived in Cambridge (UK) 1990-1991, and in Copenhagen (DK) 2002-2004. I am married with two children.

A motivated employee with a sense of duty. I am quick to acquaint myself with new surroundings. I show initiative where applicable and communicate well with others. I have no problems with taking the lead and working independently, whilst I also like working with others and am happy to work under the supervision of colleagues. I like to think that I am a considerate and respectful employee with a relaxed air about me. I am in good physical condition and well suited for most tasks.

My professional career has mostly been around product development, UX design and project planning. Team coaching and project management have been a big part of my daily routine. I have extensive experience in digital marketing, design and copywriting.

I am a proud father to my two daughters Röskva and Urður, which I have with my wonderful and talented wife Auður.

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